Collectible Reproductions of

Ty A. Kelly's Original Pastels

9.5" x 13" Open edition $25.00

13" x 19" Limited edition $45.00

These are giclee (fine art inkjet) prints on Epson watercolor paper, signed and titled in pencil, and numbered where applicable. Reproductions are produced entirely in studio by Ty insuring the highest level of artistic control and color accuracy. The 9.5" x 13" reproductions are open edition. The 13" x 19" are limited edition. While other open edition prints may be available only one hundred and fifty each of the 13" x 19" format will be produced entirely in studio by Ty. The images vary in proportion and all have at least a one inch white border.

Prints are available for any Pastel on my site unless noted on page at this time. To order a print or prints just e-mail me with sizes and quantity's.


13" x 19"

9.5" x 13"